Alexandra Diracles


Lenticular drawing is a fusion of two live video drawings merged into one. The artists are drawing simultaneously and responding to each other. A two-channel video is projected onto a perforated whiteboard. The board mimics a holographic print to see one image from one angle and a different picture from the opposite angle. When viewing from the middle, you can see both images at once.


The challenge with the design of this project was to figure out how to make a lenticular print in motion. I did initial research into lenticular prints. It’s rare to see a lenticular print that is not a static image. As I looked into how they operate in the mainstream, I realized with our projection mapping technologies that we could use a simple sculpture to create the physical depth map we would need to make the lenticular motion print come to life for the audience.

I built a 3D sculpture to map the two-channel video to create the lenticular print effect with a moving image. My partner Talya Stein and I used Modul8 & MadMaper to map two videos on crisscrossing sides of the board. We wanted the drawings to be projected live onto the lenticular print as the artists are drawing. After playtesting this scenario with four adults we found that there was not enough space to achieve our original live installation concept. Instead, we decided to record the drawing session first and projection map the recorded videos so that people would have space to walk up to and around the print.

Recording the drawings

The result was a live lenticular print where you could see two artists drawing simultanously. The audience responded exceptionally well to this exhibit. It was simple, beautiful, and easy to understand experience that depicted the artistic process in a format that was new and innovative. Lenticular Print was exhibited at NYU ITP Spring Show & the REVERSE gallery in Brooklyn.