Alexandra Diracles


Video Coding Platform

I’m the co-founder of Vidcode, an award-winning coding platform for teenagers. Twelve thousand educators and 10 million students use Vidcode to learn JavaScript through multimedia projects. 

Product Management

Social Impact Coding Badges

I built a national partnership with Girl Scouts USA to co-develop their social impact coding badges. Girl Scouts in 6th—12th grades leverage the badges today.


Strategic Partnership

Teen Girl Hackathon

I launched the first Teen Girl Hackathon at YouTube Spaces NYC in partnership with YouTube, Vidcode, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. Together, we recruited eight female engineers and eight YouTube creators to mentor twenty girls in creating film and code projects.
Strategic Partnership

Multi-channel storytelling

Campaign funded by the Innocence Project to raise awareness of wrongfully incarcerated individuals. I designed an online game to help people experience how faulty eyewitness testimony can be. We produced video interviews with the exonerees, which were projected onto buildings in NYC.
Innocence Project

Projection Mapping

'Lenticular Drawing' is a live video of two artists' drawings projected and mapped to a white sculpture to create a lenticular print. As the audience stands to one side, they see one artist drawing. If they stand in the middle, they see both artists simultaneously, and so on.


Lenticular Drawing