Alexandra Diracles


Video Coding Platform

I’m the founder and CEO of Vidcode, an award-winning coding platform for teenagers. 12,000 educators and 10 million students use Vidcode to learn JavaScript through fun multimedia projects. I built the team, the business and the product.

Product Management

Social Impact Coding Badges

I built a national partnership with Girl Scouts USA to co-develop their social impact coding badges (grades 6th - 12th). 

The social impact coding badges are leveraged by girl scouts in 6th - 12th grades today.


Strategic Partnership

Teen Girl Hackathon

I launched the first Teen Girl Hackathon at YouTube Spaces NYC in partnership with YouTube, Vidcode, and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. Together we recruited eight female engineers and eight youtube creators to mentor twenty girls in creating film and code projects.
Strategic Partnership

3D Face Mapping

‘Like Me’ is a large format video featuring a live animated lounge singer who is competing with a live comedian in front of her. As the audience claps either the virtual or real performer is muted. 


3D animation and large format video 

Audio Visual Experience

This interactive installation uses Microsoft Kinect to track the audience and sets a series of generative visual/audio experiences to come to life. Black and white animations move in a more aggressive way as the audience comes closer to the panels. They also set off a series of generative instrumental sounds.

Process (coming soon)

Interactive Installation